Our mission is to help you get 
wonderful and unforgettable travel experiences.


Who we are ?

My name is Steve Etherington. I has started Chic-Trip in 2016 with the conviction that it was possible to combine the old ways and the new ways to search, find, create and deliver the ideal travel package for everyone.

I also created CHIC-TRIP.com with the belief that despite the disappearance of traditional travel agencies with Internet it was still possible to provide support services in the field of tourism with more warmth and more contact.

I am a travel expert, of hotel trade, transport and tourism with strong field experience in each tourism industry.

It is the passion for travel, adventure and discovery of the other pushed me and guided to create Chic-Trip.com with envy, desire and goal to offer you personalized service and customized. What I want is to give each customer perfect and unforgettable travel experience.

My wish for you is that you fly all your life for the better and you get the best of all your travels.

Best Regards

Steve Etherington

CEO and Founder


I live in Annecy near Geneva, a very pretty town between lake and mountains